Monday, October 31, 2011

to b truth ..

i have a lot to ask you ..
i have a lot to say to you ..

that night ..

but i just cant ..

coz i know things dat i say..not gonna change anything ..
i'll just keep it to myself ..
when there's still chances for me ..
i'll spread out my true feelings to you ..

for sure there isn't any.., right?

wishing u happy always.. with her.

sincerely, im not ready to let go.. but im not gonna force u either..

sometimes, love isn't about having each other..
sometimes love is just about seeing the one that u love..

ur not happy with me.. i got it .. ( ;

that's what im gonna do starting from now..
so im hoping that u r not gonna misunderstood me.. anymore..

coz we are friends. ( :

Sunday, October 30, 2011

its hard ;
every test in our life makes us bitter or better ..
every problem that comes to make us or even break us apart ..
but the choice is ours ..
whether to become a victim ...
or ...

... a victorious ..

live life with no regrets ..
treasure it ...
cos life is short ...

u never know when its gonna END ..

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

.: Esok :.




p/s; bad tq ntok kaunseling pagi tadi.. i feel much better lepas cakap dgn u..

kalau hari2 dapat kaunseling mcm pagi would b better.. :)
.: me?? :.

me = no good with words..

everybody knows that..,
even if i had problem, i'll just stay silence..

didn't want to hurt others feelin, if i did by any chance..
i'm sorry, i didn't mean it.. i don't even realize i did..

hate to argue with all the people that i care about,
people that i love..

but right now ..

i just had lots of things goin on in my head right now..


but u just wouldn't let me go ..

i need some space,
can u just stop bossing me, telling me wut to do..


just gimme a break will u?

not much im asking u..
but can u learn when to stop and listen ..,
if u do care .... about me


eventhough i know it's not just all about me,
but ..
for the timebeing
for this moment

i really need it

so please .. try to understand me ..

will u??

.: sometimes in life, its happen .:

people keep telling u what you should and shouldn't do..
people keep pushing u around, bossing u around..

still ..,
the choice is your, its ur life..
fight for it or not
dats the choice u've made ..

the sacrifice u have to made ..,
do it with no regret..

it ur choice was wrong, bad move thought..,
move forward, learn from the past mistakes..
believe in urself..,
u won't do the same mistakes all over again ..

p/s ; to b honest, i wish i could.. but it just keep coming back to me