Wednesday, June 29, 2011

.: Esok :.




p/s; bad tq ntok kaunseling pagi tadi.. i feel much better lepas cakap dgn u..

kalau hari2 dapat kaunseling mcm pagi would b better.. :)
.: me?? :.

me = no good with words..

everybody knows that..,
even if i had problem, i'll just stay silence..

didn't want to hurt others feelin, if i did by any chance..
i'm sorry, i didn't mean it.. i don't even realize i did..

hate to argue with all the people that i care about,
people that i love..

but right now ..

i just had lots of things goin on in my head right now..


but u just wouldn't let me go ..

i need some space,
can u just stop bossing me, telling me wut to do..


just gimme a break will u?

not much im asking u..
but can u learn when to stop and listen ..,
if u do care .... about me


eventhough i know it's not just all about me,
but ..
for the timebeing
for this moment

i really need it

so please .. try to understand me ..

will u??

.: sometimes in life, its happen .:

people keep telling u what you should and shouldn't do..
people keep pushing u around, bossing u around..

still ..,
the choice is your, its ur life..
fight for it or not
dats the choice u've made ..

the sacrifice u have to made ..,
do it with no regret..

it ur choice was wrong, bad move thought..,
move forward, learn from the past mistakes..
believe in urself..,
u won't do the same mistakes all over again ..

p/s ; to b honest, i wish i could.. but it just keep coming back to me

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

:. that should b me .:

no matter wut u say to me..
wut u do..
i just keep falling for u..
mengong kan bad ???

p/s; bad tolong kaunseling!!
semua emosi becampoq aduk dah ni.. T_T

who say's

it's true that we don't know what we got until we lost it,
it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives..

p/s; trying so hard to move on.. ^-^